Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Encinitas Schoolhouse - Encinitas, CA, USA

This Classical Revival style structure was built in 1883 by E.G. Hammond and his son, Ted.  Built out of redwood with handmade square nails this one-room schoolhouse features shiplap siding.  Moved in 1927 from its original location on property deeded for a school at Third and E Streets, it was converted to a private residence.  The former schoolhouse, threatened with demolition in 1983, was returned to the property at Third and E Streets through the efforts of the Encinitas Historical Society, the Encinitas School District and members of the community.  It is situated at its approximate original location, though facing south now rather than east towards the town.  Restored, it presently houses the Encinitas Historical Society. 

Located in the alleyway behind Pacific View Elementary School, at the top of the hill west of Third Street, just north of E Street.

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