Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oceanside Hospital - Oceanside, CA, USA

Opened in 1938 as an expansion of the original Oceanside Hospital's 615 North Freeman Street location.  No longer a hospital, the facility is currently home to the Oceanside Family Recovery Center, a mental health facility providing drug rehabilitation to mothers with children.

Located at 1100 Sportfisher Drive (formerly Fifth Street).

Oceanside Hospital - Oceanside, CA, USA

Opened in 1933 by Golda Lester, this was the original location of Oceanside Hospital.  The arch over the driveway on the left was the ambulance entrance.  In 1938 a new building was constructed at 1100 Fifth Street.  The original building is in the middle of a residential block and is presently divided into multiple residences.  The exterior stairs on the left are a later addition.

Located at 615 North Freeman Street.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fallbrook Hospital - Fallbrook, CA, USA

The present Fallbrook Hospital has been serving the community at this location since its opening in December 1960.

Located at 624 E. Elder Street.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Moreton Bay Fig - Oceanside, CA, USA

From the summer of 1965 until 1972 I lived just down the block from a giant tree.  Nearly every day I passed beneath it, either walking to and from school, to and from the bus stop across the street, or just riding my bike.  On a hot day it always provided a cool shady spot to pause.  I had no idea what kind of tree it actually was back then, although I thought it was some sort of rubber tree.  Many years later I watched an episode of Huell Howser's California's Gold that featured a giant Moreton Bay Fig tree and realized it was the same kind of tree.  The Moreton Bay Fig tree, Ficus macrophylla, is still there in South Oceanside, looking as healthy as ever.

Its massive roots spread out to the curb on both sides.

According to a letter written to the Oceanside Historical Society by Betty Ann (Uhler) Hillman and published in their Spring 2009 newsletter, the tree was planted in 1934 or 35 by her grandather, Archibald Orestis Cope, and brother, Richard Lee Uhler.  The Copes were the homeowners at that time.

I must acknowledge that while doing online research on this tree I came across a blog post by another blogger who seems to remember this old tree as affectionately as I do.  That post can be found at (Spitball Army: Old Man Tree).

Located at 1602 California Street on the NE corner of California Street and Belleaire Street (or Bellaire, the street signs are spelled differently at either end of the block).

Monday, August 22, 2011

Oceanside Pier at Sunset - Oceanside, CA, USA

Commissioned by North County Printers and Bryant and Dwyer Sign Service to celebrate their 50th year in business, this 800 square foot mural depicting the Oceanside Pier at sunset was painted by artist Chris Head.  Completed in seven days, just prior to 4th of July weekend in 2010, this mural covers the formerly bare south wall of Johnson's Sporting Goods along Mission Avenue in the heart of downtown.

Located at 202 N. Coast Highway on the NE corner of N. Coast Highway and Mission Avenue.

Addendum September 16, 2015:  This mural was destroyed in September 2015 when the building was being remodeled for the relocation of Swami's CafĂ©.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Last Wave of the Day - Oceanside, CA, USA

Last Wave of the Day is a surfing-themed sculpture by artist Steve Rieman.  Constructed of polished stainless steel, weathered steel and cast concrete it stands 11 feet tall, 13 feet long and 5 feet wide.  The cast concrete panels surrounding the base have been damaged by repeated hits by skateboards since the sculpture was installed in April 2004 at a cost of $30,000.

Located on Myers Street at Pier View Way on the western side of the Pier View Way pedestrian underpass.

Grand Avenue Floral - Escondido, CA, USA

Grand Avenue Floral Flowers & Gifts was in business for several years, at least as early as September 2003.  It closed in early 2008 but the beautiful two-piece sign remained on the west wall of the building, facing the adjacent parking lot.  This photo was taken on July 30, 2010.  Sometime during the next week the sign was removed.

Formerly located at 237 W. Grand Avenue.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Main Street circa 1920 - Fallbrook, CA, USA

Main Street circa 1920 by artist Jim Fahnestock (July 2007).  Part of Fallbrook Art in Public Places.

Located on the south side of the building on the NE corner of Main Avenue and Alvarado Street.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Santa Fe Crossing Main - Fallbrook, CA, USA

Santa Fe Crossing Main by artist Brett Stokes (2008).  Part of Fallbrook Art in Public Places.

Located on the south side of the building at 231 S. Main Avenue, on the NE corner of Main Avenue and Elder Street.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Muffler Man - Vista, CA, USA

In August of 2004 I pulled into the parking lot in front of Ed's Giant Muffler with the intention of snapping a quick photo of the Muffler Man from the window of my vehicle.  As I was pulling in two individuals in a white truck had just exited the lot.  They made an abrupt u-turn and rushed back into the lot and blocked my vehicle, wanting to know what I was up to.  That is their white truck reflected in the window.  The older one, whom I presume must have been Ed, seemed quite irritated that I had momentarily stopped in a parking lot shared by a number of businesses to take a photo of the giant Muffler Man he had on prominent display in front of his shop instead of buying one of his mufflers. 

By March of 2007 the shop was simply called Giant Muffler and had been renovated.  The Muffler Man had been repainted, his shirt in black and yellow checks.  By July of 2009 the Muffler Man was gone, and his whereabouts are still unknown.  Another business now occupies this location.

Formerly located at 2244 S. Santa Fe Avenue.

Addendum, April 18, 1012: is reporting that Vista's Muffler Man was moved to Rocky Point, NC in August of 2007.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Avo Theatre - Vista, CA, USA

The Avo Theatre was originally a neighborhood movie house.  Designed by architect S. Charles Lee, it opened in December 1948 and featured an avocado shaped lobby.  After closing as a movie theater it was purchased by the City of Vista in 1995 and the interior was modified to accommodate live performances.  Moonlight Stage Productions produces Moonlight at the Avo, a series of performances there each winter.  Renamed the Avo Playhouse, it is available to rent for performances and special events.

Located at 303 Main Street.

San Luis Rey Bakery and Restaurant - Oceanside, CA, USA

In business for over 35 years at this location near Mission San Luis Rey.

Located at 490 N. El Camino Real.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Juanita's Taco Shop - Vista, CA, USA

Casual and inexpensive, offering dine-in or take-out service.  Family friendly, no alcohol.

Located at 248 Main Street.

Addendum, October 12, 2011:
In the pre-dawn hours of October 12, 2011, Juanita's Taco Shop suffered significant fire damage and is considered a total loss.
Fire Damages Vista Taco Shop - Arson, Burglary Suspected at Juanita's Taco Shop  ( article)
Taco Shop Burns Down; Cash Register Found in Oceanside  ( article)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Masonic Lodge - Oceanside, CA, USA

Construction of this building began in 1951 and dedication ceremonies were held on August 2, 1952.  Oceanside-San Dieguito Masonic Lodge No. 381 F. & A. M. is a traditional Blue Lodge and operates under the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of the State of Californa.  Meetings are also held here for Royal Arch, Eastern Star, Job's Daughters and Rainbow Girls.

Located at 511 Eucalyptus Street.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dolphin Hotel - Oceanside, CA, USA

Built for Julius E. Keisker, the 26 room hotel opened for business in June 1927 as the Keisker Hotel.  It was purchased by Robert and Jessie DeWitt in the mid-1930s and the name changed to the DeWitt Hotel.  Since the early 1950s the name has been the Dolphin Hotel.  It has been in continuous operation and is presently a 25 room economy hotel.

Located at 133 South Coast Highway, on the NW corner of South Coast Highway (S. Hill St.) and Topeka.

Poway-Bernardo Mortuary - Poway, CA, USA

Poway-Bernardo Mortuary was the setting for the 2004-2006 reality-tv series, Family Plots, shown on the A&E Network.

Located at 13243 Poway Road.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mervyn's - Oceanside, CA, USA

The Mervyn's chain of department stores fell victim to the struggling economy, filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  The Oceanside location closed after the 2008 Holiday Sales.

Located at 2335 Vista Way.

Rancho Vista Hotel - Vista, CA, USA

Built in the mid-1930s as part of the Rancho Vista Development and originally renting "furnished and unfurnished light housekeeping apartments." 
An ad in The Vista Press on February 4, 1937 reads:
"FOR RENT - Front unfurnished apt. on ground floor; large living room with fire place, kitchen and bedroom, $17, inc. lights, water."

My grandfather was a resident here on the 2nd floor for a time in the late 1950s.

Located at 537 S. Santa Fe Avenue.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

River Bottom - Oceanside, CA, USA

Located in the San Luis Rey community, the River Bottom has long been a popular tavern with the Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton and other local patrons.  It dates back to at least the Vietnam era.

Located at 473 N. El Camino Real.

Catalina Mobile Estates - Oceanside, CA, USA

Former site of Catalina Mobile Estates.  The "trailer park" had been in existence at this spot since at least the mid-1940s and consisted of mostly aging single-wide mobile homes, travel trailers and RVs.  Located five blocks from the Pacific Ocean, the park was subject to mobile home rent control ordinances in later years and eventually was no longer profitable.  It was closed in 2009 and the property owner has no immediate plans for the property.

Located at 514 Morse St. on the NE corner of Morse St. and S.Coast Highway (S. Hill St.).

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Ralph Lacoe House - Oceanside, CA, USA

This bungalow was originally located at 1015 Second St. (Mission Ave.) on land now occupied by Oceanside High School.  According to both the 1910 and 1920 U.S. Census the home was owned and occupied by Ralph D. Lacoe and family.  By the time of the 1930 U.S. Census the home was owned and occupied by Thomas C. Exton.  By the mid-1950s the house had been moved to it's present location at 1414 Minnesota Avenue, probably due to expansion of the school.

Trenton Apartments - Escondido, CA, USA

Escondido's first apartment building built in 1912 for Peter Schnack, an early Escondido photographer who came from Trenton, NJ.  Prior to World War I it was called the Schnack Apartments, but due to the anti-German sentiment of the time the name was changed.

Each of the apartments face a center court which was originally planted with semi-tropical plants.

Located at 204 E. 2nd St. on the NE corner of Kalmia and 2nd.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Center City High School - Escondido, CA, USA

When this Mediterranean Revival building first opened in 1925 it was known as Plymouth Hall and was used by the First Congregation Church, adjacent at that time.  It was designed by Louis John Gill, nephew of famous architect Irving Gill, and an original architect of the San Diego Zoo.  Purchased by the Escondido School District in 1959, it served as its district office.  Eventually it became an independent study high school and served in that capacity for 13 years.  The final graduating class of Center City High School was in 2009.  The building is now used as the district's adult education school.

Located at 240 S. Maple St.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Culp House - Escondido, CA, USA

Built by Martin Luther Culp circa 1890, the year he and his brothers, Reuben and Morris, arrived in Escondido.  This Queen Anne style farmhouse includes a wraparound porch.

The blue stained-glass window is said to date back to the original construction.

Located at 204 W. 8th St., on the NW corner of 8th and Maple in the Olde Escondido Historic District.