Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Culp House - Escondido, CA, USA

Built by Martin Luther Culp circa 1890, the year he and his brothers, Reuben and Morris, arrived in Escondido.  This Queen Anne style farmhouse includes a wraparound porch.

The blue stained-glass window is said to date back to the original construction.

Located at 204 W. 8th St., on the NW corner of 8th and Maple in the Olde Escondido Historic District.


  1. As a child, elementary school age and before (early sixties) I would accompany my grandfather to Escondido to his friends farm. The family name was Culp. It was a rather large farm. As far as I can recall it had such items as avacados, cantelopes etc. I remember having roast goose with dumplings and grave and homemade bread. Would this be that same Culp house? It looks familier.

  2. Possibly. But if it was a large farm it may have been George M. and Rose M. Culp. They had a farm on Oak Hill Drive. In the 1940 US Census Rose is listed as a "Farmer" and had a "Citrus Grove." She was an 80 year old widow at that time and was at the same location in 1935. In 1930 she and George were in Escondido and he was a "Farmer." In 1920 they, and almost all their neighbors, are listed as "Farmers." In the 1910 Census it says they had an "Orchard." George M. is variously listed as Maurice or Morris, so he is the brother of Martin Luther and Reuben Culp.

  3. Sean,

    How are you related to the Culps? My great grandfather was Martin Luther and he's the one who built the house there in Escondido. I have a number of photos of him and my mother and other relatives taken around the house. The Higley's lived across the street and that's where my maternal grandmother came from. She married Martin's son Martin Luther Junior.

  4. My husband and I, Steve and Christie Bundy, owned the Culp House from 1983 through 1998; we lived there and restored the house, for 15 years. I made the stained glass window.

  5. We added the gingerbread moulding along the porch, the fish scale roof on the living room window seat bump out. The gas lamps converted to electricity on the front porch, the front and side door wooden screen doors. Steve was on the Historic Preservation Committee, in fact he was a founding member, in the 80's and the house got Escondido historic register during our ownership.