Saturday, November 19, 2011

Old Jail - Temecula, CA, USA

The small two-story building referred to as the Old Temecula Jail was never actually intended or used for that purpose.  The walls are constructed of one-foot thick scrap granite from the quarries that were once active in the area.  It is believed to have been built by the Weltys and used as a storehouse for their neighboring store and hotel in the Welty Building.  A water tank sat on the top of the structure providing water pressure for the hotel.  Later, when Joe Winkels' saloon occupied the Welty Building, the granite building was probably used as a wine cellar.  It is thought to have been used occasionally as a temporary holding cell for drunken patrons, hence the reference to a jail.

Located just west of Front Street, and south of Main Street in the courtyard behind the Welty Building.  Access from Main Street and from the public parking lot one block south.

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