Friday, July 8, 2011

The Graves House, aka “The Top Gun House” - Oceanside, CA, USA

Built as a beachfront vacation home in 1887 by retired physician, Dr. Henry Graves.  Located at 102 N. Pacific Street at the corner of Pacific and Seagaze, the single-story Victorian house is considered the best remaining example of a beachfront cottage in Oceanside and is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

It became known as “The Top Gun House” in 1986 when it was used as a filming location for the Tom Cruise movie, Top Gun.  The house appeared in the movie as the home of “Charlie,” the character played by Kelly McGillis.  Tom Cruise is seen riding his motorcycle up the hill from The Strand to the house and knocking on the door.  Interior scenes were filmed in the kitchen of an addition, since demolished.

The home is presently on property that is to be used for a two-block hotel-resort development, and it is hoped that the developer will follow through on tentative plans to incorporate the cottage into the project as something like a bar, bakery or candy store.  It will likely be moved two blocks north to the northern end of the development.

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