Friday, December 16, 2011

Charles Libby House - Oceanside, CA, USA

Built circa 1902 by Charles Libby, this two-story Late Victorian/Colonial Revival style house is also known as the Goldie Rush House and the Libby-Rush House.  Goldie Rush, a burlesque star who performed in north San Diego County, was an early occupant of the home.  The house originally stood near the intersection of Fourth Street (now Civic Center Drive) and Summit Street. 
By the mid-1970s it was dilapidated and scheduled for demolition by the Fire Department.  In an attempt to save the old structure it was offered for sale for the sum of $1, provided it was relocated and brought up to code by the new owner.  In 1977 it was sold and moved to its present location on Rockledge Steet.  Because of the narrow streets between the two locations the house was transported on a long circuitous route and nearly slid off the truck on the way up the steep Vine Street hill.  The former front of the house faces the backyard and the rear faces the steet at its new location.
It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on January 12, 1978, plaque #N644. 

About 1971 or 1972 I remember going to this house at its original location with my roommate to visit one of her friends who was renting it.  We did not go inside and all stood on the porch to talk.  The house was completely dark and there was probably no electricity at that time.

Located at 636 Rockledge Street.

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