Friday, April 13, 2012

Charles Ledgerwood Residence and Seed Store - Carlsbad, CA, USA

This Spanish Revival style house is situated on a bluff facing the Pacific Ocean.  It was the home of Charles B. Ledgerwood, Carlsbad's famous "seed man."  He operated a seed store here for decades out of a room at the front of the house.

This plaque is located in the retaining wall at the front corner of the property.
"Charles Ledgerwood
Carlsbad's Seed Man (1906-1999)
Charles Ledgerwood came to Carlsbad in 1933 and built his home on this site.  His home was a store from which he dispensed seeds and gardening wisdom for 67 years.  He served this community on the Board of Directors of the Sanitation District; on the City Planning Commission; on the City Council from 1956-58; and was Carlsbad's 7th Mayor from 1958-60.  Charles Ledgerwood was loved and respected for his community service, integrity, and caring for others."

For additional information and photos on Charles Ledgerwood's seed store, see this article from the February 1981 issue of San Diego Home/Garden Magazine:
A visit with Charles Legerwood The Seed Man of Carlsbad by Kathy Griffith

I have a memory of visiting this seed store once with my parents, probably about the time Mr. Ledgerwood was Carlsbad's Mayor.  My mother purchased seeds from him and sought his advice on garden pest control.

Located at 3862 Carlsbad Boulevard, one block north of Tamarack Avenue.


  1. Very cool that he is being remembered so well with the plaque and all.

    Thought I'd pop in for a visit today from Traveling Suitcase, also wanted to let you know I added you to my blog log there.

  2. Made that walk many a time to the beach from our house on Lin Mar Lane.