Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holroyd Confectionary - Oceanside, CA, USA

Built circa 1922 this house was the residence of John H. and Grace S. (Maberry) Holroyd.  They lived here during the mid-to-late 1920s and Mrs. Holroyd operated a confectionary and later a lunch room at the home.  John H. Holroyd had a background working in refrigeration and was a Chief Engineer with the Union Ice Company.  Prior to their marriage, Grace had been a public school teacher in her home state of Illinois.  They married in the early 1920s and in early 1924 Grace was operating a confectionary at their home in Pacific Beach, California.  They moved to this location in Oceanside where, according to County Directories, Grace was operating a confectionary in 1927 and a lunch room in 1929.

Located at 123 South Horne Street, on the northwest corner of Topeka Street and Horne Street, across the street from Oceanside High School.

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