Monday, July 23, 2012

Maze Stone Park - Hemet, CA, USA

California State Registered Landmark No. 557

"Maze Stone
This pictograph, representing a maze, is an outstanding example of the work of prehistoric peoples. It, with 5.75 acres of land, was donated to Riverside County as a county park on April 16, 1956 by Mr. and Mrs. Rodger E. Miller.
Registered Landmark No. 557
Plaque Placed By California State Park Commission In Cooperation With Riverside County Board of Supervisors and Hemet Woman's Club, February 9, 1957."

Look for a sign pointing the way to the State Historical Marker along State Highway 74 west of Hemet, and drive north on California Avenue.  Follow California Avenue for a little over 3 miles until it ends at a gate.  Park here - no vehicles are allowed beyond this point.  Be cautious of the soft sand on either side of the pavement.

It is a short uphill hike along the old pavement to the Maze Stone.  Carry water with you and be on the lookout for rattlesnakes.

The Maze Stone and Monument are located on the right.  Sadly it has been necessary to enclose them both within two separate barbed-wire-topped chainlink fences to deter vandalism.

In the lower left corner square of the Maze a swastika was carved sometime after the 1930s, an act of vandalism.

I first visited Maze Stone Park in the late 1970s and at that time there was only one chainlink fence  These photos were taken in November of 2006.  It was a hot dry day and I regretted carrying only one bottle of water along on the hike.

Located near the north end of California Avenue, west of Hemet.

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  1. Thanks for your Maze stone and Hemet Depot pix. I moved away from Hemet in 1999, but sometimes I google where I grew up and came across your blog. If you know more about Why they made the maze stone I'd love to know. Thanks again. Cool Blog.