Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oceanside Gym and Health Club - Oceanside, CA, USA

During the 1950s and 1960s Bill and Angie Freeman were the owners and operators of the Oceanside Gym and Health Club.  It was located across the street from the site, at that time, of the Oceanside Boys Club.

Newspaper advertisement from April 28, 1960 in the Vista Press.

Newspaper advertisement from February 18, 1966 in the Vista Press.

I was not allowed to go to public swimming pools as a child, probably due to the Polio epidemic, but my parents did allow me to take beginner swimming lessons from Bill Freeman at this pool.  I remember sitting in the women's steam room after swimming lessons.  My family and the Freeman family attended the same church.  Bill and Angie were always deeply tanned and fit.

This is how the exterior of the facility looks today.  There have been several occupants over the years since the Oceanside Gym and Health Club closed.  It is presently occupied by the Oceanside Scuba and Swim Center.

Located at 225 Brooks Street just east of Interstate 5.

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